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Cardiac coherence ~ Fundamentals
Practicing cardiac coherence is the key to long-term health. The #1 stress management tool. See the course
Cardiac coherence for kids
Establish a state of calm and neutrality in class in only 5 minutes.See the course
Cardiac Coherence - Modernized Exclusivity
Reduce stress and anxiety effectively and for good in just 5 minutesSee the course
Wellow lifestyle
Eee how simple changes in routine, active mindfulness and breathing exercises can really make a difference in your well-being. See the course
Adjustment disorder
Mental health issues are real. They are a biochemical disorder, invisible, a barrier that rises in the soul.See the course
Good-bye anxiety, hello self-control
This program aims to help you increase your self-control in the presence of anxiety and allow you to enjoy life more easily.See the course
Ending long COVID
This program is made to help those who experience symptoms associated with long Covid.See the course
Managing your sleep
Become aware of the controllable parameters of sleep and take control for improved rest and quality of life. See the course

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