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How to create an account ?

To place an order, you must create an account with your email.

You will have access to your customer area where you will find your orders and all your files, your order history, your invoices, as well as your personal

information (you have the possibility to modify it at any time).

Create an account: (new customer)

To create an account, click on "Subscribe" at the top right of the screen. You can then click on "Create an account" and choose your password.

First sign-in to the site: To log in, click on "Connexion (Login)" at the top right of the screen. You will then be able to access the content.

If you are experiencing difficulties:

  1. check to make sure your internet connection is stable
  2. empty the cache of your browser
  3. preferably use Google Chrome.

Do I need a recurrent subscription to access the programs?

No, we now offer content via one-time purchases, which means you will have access to your program for life.

Am I entitled to all the content if I buy a program?

Unfortunately not, however, you have lifetime access to the purchased program!

Which program to start with?

They are all extremely relevant and different. The best thing is to target your top priority to address in order to improve your wellness in the short term.

I have a psychological health diagnosis for which my doctor has recommended a leave of absence from working and I am in psychotherapy. Will these programs help me?

Absolutely! They are based on current scientific evidence and are the perfect complement to any psychotherapy!

Is Wellow’s approach for everyone?

Absolutely, the idea is to offer a basic structure to calm the nervous system, offering great flexibility to improve your general health quickly, by prioritizing happiness.

Does the Wellow approach require a lot of preparation and time obligation?

Not at all!!!! On the contrary, it aims to simplify your daily life by acting as a guide to make conscious choices in line with your values and interests. It adapts to who you really are.

What is the difference between the Wellow approach and the other programs on the website?

The approach allows a reference via the 4 pillars, while the programs integrate the approach towards specific problems / situations.

I am not able to turn my mind off, how do your programs differ from meditation commonly promoted on social media?

Our content is active and prioritizes active mindfulness via, yes, meditation, but also strategies for becoming aware of everyday taxers, which, over the years, increase your baseline level of stress, making it impossible to react adequately with time.

Do I need equipment?

At first glance, no. However, some programs suggest that you arrange your environment to make it pleasant and welcoming, so it will be at your discretion.

I am unable to watch the podcasts

If you encounter a problem while viewing a podcast, we invite you to take the following steps:

  • Check your internet connection
  • Make sure that your computer/tablet/smartphone is up to date (look for any updates)
  • Choose Google Chrome rather than Safari, Mozilla or others...
  • Empty the cache of your computer/tablet/smartphone
  • Refresh the page.

For any other questions, please contact our team at the following address :

For how long will I have access to my programs?

For life! There is no expiration date.

I  live in Europe or the United States, do I have access to the same content as in Canada?

Absolutely! There are no geographical restrictions, all you need is an internet connection!

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