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Anxiety has become the lumbar sprain of rehabilitation, and while it is encouraged to talk about it and it is becoming more socially accepted to experience anxiety, it can sometimes be easy to avoid certain situations and deprive yourself of pleasure by blaming the presence of anxiety.  Rather than identifying every unpleasant situation as anxiety-provoking, this program aims to help you increase your self-control so that the presence of anxiety is received as rich data that will allow you to act in the direction of your values and thus enjoy life more easily.

100% of people will experience anxiety at some point in their year. Of that 100%, 1.5 to 2 times as many women will experience moderate anxiety compared to a man and it will be primarily young adults (25 to 44 years old).  Are you part of these statistics? Although some people develop anxiety disorders (15%), most of us experience anxiety episodes instead. This observation made us want to create this program for you. We will see how simple changes in routine, active mindfulness and breathing exercises can really make a difference and bring you real control in your daily life and better understanding.

The goal? To encourage you to become aware of the controllable parameters of anxiety and to equip you to maintain control.

How much time should I invest in this program?

This program was designed for four (4) days because we want you to see immediate results. However, it is a program to be repeated for life and you will also have access to it for life. It is your life insurance for healthy aging.

Who is this course for?

To all those who feel they are living on a tight rope from morning to night, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

To all the people who feel they are under too much stress and do not exercise, drink too much caffeine, do not prioritize sleep and eat processed foods to save time.

To all the people who have a sense of urgency at all times.

To all the people who wish the day could last 48 hours.

For all people who avoid anxiety-provoking situations.

This method was designed to gently guide you towards a balance, your balance. There is no question of proposing a traumatic routine that is impossible to maintain in everyday life.

Universal, this method adapts to everyone, it is made for the real world in real life!

Expected results

Being in your zone of genius, keeping calm, preventing premature aging and understanding the reasons for non-optimal anxiety management to control everything possible and avoid missing out on your life. In short, to be at your best emotionally, intellectually and physically, it is imperative to understand anxiety and use it as a guide.

With this program ADIEU ANXIÉTÉ, ALLÔ SELF-CONTROL, you will feel the effects from the first days. However, with a little patience, you will have more difficult moments. The margin of progress is therefore important. Thanks to the proposed exercises, in four days, you will build a stable routine and if there are still difficulties, you can repeat the days that brought you the most benefits. Do not hesitate to discuss this with your doctor or health professional.

In the long run, you will see a real change, thanks to an understanding of the elements that affect you VS those that affect you less.

This is the purpose of all our programs: to teach you to know yourself better so that you can be autonomous in your form and your well-being.

Expected results

●     be a role model for your children and set an example

●     understand why you are experiencing anxiety

●     focus your energy on the things you can control

●     find meaning in your life by naming your emotions appropriately

●     communicate more quickly, often and with respect for yourself and others

●     rediscover your creative and innovative instincts

●     explore the world around you by being curious, actively listening to each other and accepting that not everything is perfect, all the time



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