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Cardiac coherence

Cardiac coherence is a breathing practice with a measured rhythm that allows you to efficiently and quickly reach a state of balance. It is one of the most effective lifestyle habits for managing stress and the #1 health technique proven by over 27,000 studies.

If you want to do a RESET, the practice of cardiac coherence is for you.

Why doing it?

  • Increase your ability to adapt to have the energy to deal with stress and the ability to relax once the stress is over
  • Increase your ability to be resilient, to bounce back from a difficult situation
  • Increase your focus
  • Increase your ability to have fun and make guilt-free choices to prioritize who you are.

Here are two exclusives with very different styles.

The best time to incorporate it into your routine:

  1. Before the first coffee
  2. Before lunch
  3. Before or after dinner (a minimum of 4 hours before bedtime)

Because being in a WelloW mode is all about moving, laughing and breathing!

Go WelloW!

Krystel and the WelloW xXx team


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