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Wellow lifestyle

The Wellow's method was developed in the midst of a pandemic.

While we could no longer cope with the uncertainties and all our past reference points were questioned, we still had to maintain a routine. The months that passed after March 13, 2020 allowed us to meet a wide range of people who were virtually living different realities.

From there, the Wellow's method was born: a universal, flexible method that allows balance and spontaneity. Due to the success of the last few months, we decided to create this program for you. We will see how simple changes in routine, active mindfulness and breathing exercises can really make a difference and bring you real rest in your day to day life while maintaining structure.

The goal? 

To encourage you to become aware of the controllable parameters of daily life and to equip you to take and maintain control, without putting aside spontaneity and pleasure. 

Who is this course for? 

This method was designed to gently guide you towards a balance, your balance. There is no question of proposing a traumatic routine, impossible to maintain in everyday life.

Universal, this method adapts to everyone, it is made for the real world in real life!

Expected results

Be in your zone of genius, keep calm when possible, prevent premature aging and understand the reasons that exhaust us to control everything possible and avoid missing our "why", our reason to get up.  

With this program REPROGRAMMING WITH THE WELLOW'S METHOD, you will feel the effects from the first few days, but it will be the most difficult days. A little patience. The margin of progress is therefore important. Thanks to the proposed exercises, you will build a stable routine, and if difficulties persist, you will know how to address them and will be able to regain control.

In the long run, you will notice a real change, thanks to an understanding of the elements that affect you VS those that affect you less. 

This is the purpose of all our programs: to teach you to know yourself better, so that you can be autonomous in your fitness and well-being. This one, however, is the foundation of all the other programs and is, in fact, their frame of reference.

A little word on...

🧡Cardiac Coherence

Our approach is based on science and before thinking about improving your health, it is paramount to restore and take control over the state of chaos, which by the way, is normal... chaos is life. Loss of control is disease.

So gently, we invite you to join us in our universe 💙 to laugh, move, breathe for a long, long time

Cardiac coherence is the easiest way to start and get results within 10-15 days... measurable results! Yes, we prioritize empirical approaches, those that convince skeptics and Cartesians, because @krystel_parenteau , the founder is herself rather Cartesian in nature, but very curious!

Welcome !

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