Engaged in constant evolution and driven by the desire to enhance our quality of life (integrating personal and professional life without feeling the need to lead two separate lives in parallel), I am currently studying at Harvard in the Organizational Behavior certificate program. My academic journey reflects a diversity of enriching experiences.

I also pursued a Bachelor's degree in Nursing, broadening my horizons with a Bachelor's degree in Biology from the University of Sherbrooke. My quest for in-depth understanding then led me to a Master's degree in Occupational Therapy at UQTR, where I honed my skills in this specialized field.

In the course of my practice, I specialized in psychological health occupational therapy, working as an analyst of psychosocial risks in the workplace, and conducting job assessments (ensuring alignment between individuals' functional restrictions, their ability to perform their work, and the specific requirements of their positions).

My professional approach is grounded in fundamental values such as excellence, rigor, and the continuous update of my knowledge. The consideration of a human perspective is the cornerstone of my approach, with a deep conviction that each individual deserves a holistic approach to reach their full potential.

My commitment to continuous professional development is reflected in a prioritization of learning and the practical application of acquired knowledge. My ultimate goal is to contribute positively to society's work-life balance by providing tailored solutions and fostering a fulfilling work environment.

Finally, I serve as a tutor at the University of Sherbrooke in occupational therapy for courses in Psychological Sciences, Biological Sciences, and Entrepreneurship. The students' perspectives are always refreshing!

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