Sleep disorders represent 80% of the reasons for occupational therapy consultations.

This observation made us want to create this program for you. We will see how simple changes to your routine, active mindfulness and breathing exercises can really make a difference and bring you real rest in your daily life.

The goal?

To encourage you to become aware of the controllable parameters of sleep and equip you to take and maintain control.

Who is this course for?

This method was designed to gently guide you towards a balance, your balance. There is no question of proposing a traumatic routine, impossible to maintain in everyday life.

Universal, this method adapts to everyone, it is made for the real world in real life!

Expected results

Be in your zone of genius, keep calm when possible, prevent premature aging and, understand the reasons for poor recovery to control everything possible and avoid being in a wakeful state all year round.  According to one sleep expert, "Rather than bragging about not needing much sleep, it would be much better to adopt a healthy sleep hygiene. In short, to be at your best intellectually and physically, you need a good night's sleep."

With this sleep program, you will feel effects from the first few days, but these will be the most difficult days. A little patience. The margin of progress is therefore important. Thanks to the proposed exercises, you will build a stable routine, and if there are still difficulties, you will know that what is within the limits of control, well, you ensure. If necessary, I invite you to discuss this with your doctor or health professional.

In the long run, you will notice a real change, thanks to an understanding of the elements that affect you VS those that affect you less (for or against caffeine after 3pm, screen or no screen in the evening, etc.)!

This is the purpose of all our programs: to teach you to know yourself better, so that you can be autonomous in your form and your well-being.

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